Today’s 日本語

As a foreigner in Japan it’s pretty easy to get away with things others don’t.

Drinks can be received for little more than just a friendly harro and telling someone where you are from “Of course I’m friends with David Beckham and EVERYONE meets the Queen” can set you up for a whole night.

BUT with great power comes great responsibility and sometimes its best not to push your luck or in Japanese “ride your condition”  or 調子乗らないで; choushi noranaide.

So if you find yourself the centre of a gaggle of Japanese salarymen regaling them tales of how in the Midwest burgers are bigger than most Tokyo apartments, listen out for Choushi noranaide and get out before you are sold off Showgirls style.





One thought on “Today’s 日本語

  1. I love it! Japan was the most amazing place I have ever been. Totally worth the 21 hour solo flight around the world and $4,000 credit card debt that took almost a year to pay off (I underestimated the value of the yen vs. the U.S. dollar- oops). I just wrote an entry of some of my favorite things about Japan last summer. Here is the link if you want to check it out:


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