Smoking in Japan

Japan is one of the least restrictive countries when it comes to smoking. Over 30 million Japanese people smoke regularly.

Until 1985 Japanese Tobacco (the worlds third biggest tobacco company) was a government owned monopoly and it a still owns a 50.2% majority of shares.

As the government has such a large interest in the tobacco market, laws against smoking are very relaxed. There are however large campaigns to promote smoking etiquette and manners.
These mini posters range from the blunt


To the poetic


They are shown at smoking stations around the country.
Here are a few of my favorites.





Japanese has 3 alphabets.
Hiragana which are the rounded style symbols あいうえお. Kanji which are the chinese symbols 亜井卯絵男. Katakana which are the sharper symbols used for spelling borrowed words アイウエオ

I have alway found it strange however that the word tobacco is spelt with the hiragana alphabet.