Things you can’t say to an American.


This is hilarious and a perfect example of how innocently ridiculous Japanese TV can be.

At least they are trying!


Prince Tomohito of Mikasa

Prince Tomohito of Mikasa

Early this morning Prince Tomohito lost his battle to cancer at the age of 66.
The first cousin of the reining emperor, he was the first member of the royal family to sport a beard since the Meiji era, earning him the nickname “the bearded Prince”.

Yoko, 17 years old in 1964

Yoko, 17 years old in 1964

In 1964 the year Tokyo hosted the Olympics and many Japanese people saw their first foreigner, LIFE photographer Michael Rougier spent time documenting teenage rebellion.

Many young people were angry with the older generation who had forced the people into a senseless war and felt disenfranchised to a country that was so firmly stuck in the past.
It seems strange to now see people that would have been teenagers during the 1960s and see how they have become the mainstream. They are now the ones who are refusing to retire, keeping young people out of higher paying jobs.