The Japanese Far Right.

Japanese right wing rally outside Ikebukuro station, Tokyo

Fiercely nationalistic, militant and angry Japan’s far right are know for their hatred of China (or any non-Japanese in general).

Although they only have a relatively small following (just over 100,000) they are one of the most visible and active political groups in Japan. In recent years Japan has had a quick succession of weak prime ministers who resign before they even have to dry clean their inauguration suits. This political apathy makes the devotion of the far right even more pronounced. Their trademark black vans, daubed with slogans such as “respect ancient Japanese school” (敬愛倭塾) can be seen racing through Tokyo blaring the Japanese national anthem and inflammatory political speeches.

What they basically want is all foreigners out (duh), for Japan to return to the days of the samurai, and for the emperor to reclaim his rightful position as a living god (a role he has personally denounced). Their main haunt is Yasukuni Shrine where the souls of the war dead (including many notorious and convicted war criminals) are honored as Shinto deities.

Mostly they look like pathetic old men with a few young buck toothed yokels thrown in, but many of the groups have strong ties to the yakuza and are involved in more sinister activities like kidnapping, assassinations and violently picketing foreign embassies.


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